Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Comic Inspired Film


  1. Literally this weekend I had the amazing experience of working on another short film, this one inspired by a comic book character "The White Violin" from the comic series "The Umbrella Academy".

    Let me just say that it is quite difficult to paint a woman from head to toe in white paint when you keep running into issues witht he product. But a valuable lesson learned from this film, is that I am not at all uncomfortable with gluing down underwear or homemade pasties to the naked female form. The actress Hayley and myself became white close and intimate during the shooting of this film, but so far, it's yeilded quite lovely results. I have only one photo for now, but will have more professional ones once they have been processed. But let me tell you that the professional photos look stunning, and Hayley definitely has the body to pull off a dark, sexy comic vixen.



  2. P.S My internet browser is down, so this will all be better once I get to a different computer to edit this posting. I promise. ;)